Consistent with the University’s mission to promote a “robust intellectual environment that values social and cultural diversity, free expression, collegiality, integrity, and mutual respect,” a primary strategic goal of the Division of Institutional Integrity is to foster a culture of inclusion and respect for differences within the division and throughout UNC Charlotte. We believe that the division’s role in helping the University uphold its ethical, legal, and regulatory responsibilities requires us to understand and effectively communicate with a campus community representing a variety of ideas, backgrounds, and experiences. We also believe that social and cultural diversity within the division promotes creativity in analyzing problems and providing comprehensive support, education, and advice to the individuals we serve. In furtherance of these goals and beliefs, the Division of Institutional Integrity commits to:

  • Broadening the pool from which the division recruits its employees by ensuring that “demonstrated awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills required to engage and include individuals of varying ages, races, ethnicities, backgrounds, identities, and abilities” is listed as a preferred qualification for any divisional position and is addressed by candidates in the hiring process.
  • Encouraging and supporting divisional participation and attendance in training, initiatives, and workshops that promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Continually evaluating and revising University policies and practices to identify and eliminate barriers to diversity.
  • Retaining external contractors with a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion.

These efforts are a reflection of UNC Charlotte’s stated commitment to cultivating diversity and inclusion throughout campus and the UNC System’s aspiration to create institutions committed to excellence and the fullest development of a diversity of students, faculty, and staff.

For more information relating to diversity and inclusion at UNC Charlotte, including UNC Charlotte’s diversity plan, visit the University’s diversity website.